Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application privacy policy

This privacy policy governs the use of Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application.

What data is collected?

The Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application is directly collecting this information: your Facebook identifier, your Facebook full name and the link to your public Facebook profile.

Beside that information the screenshot file is stored in the case you make it using virtual camera.

The Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application also uses Google Analytics service. You can find out about Google Analytics data privacy and security as well as opting-out options by following this link.

The developers of Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application does not collect any additional information of its’ users or their devices.

Where is the collected data used?

The data is used to display tag icons on the panorama. These icons include your fullname (appears when hovering it) and a link which links to the tagged user public profile.

The "BC Žalgiris" club representatives use the data in order to organize lottery among tagged users and provide the prizes to the persons who won it.

Google Analytics data is used by application creators and "BC Žalgiris" representatives in order to learn attendance statistics.

Do we use cookies?

We do not use cookies.

How is the collected data disclosed?

The Facebook data such as id, full name and link are disclosed to every person viewing the application in a form of a tag icon.

The disclosure of the screenshot file is governed by the person using Facebook platform sharing tools.

How is the collected data stored?

The Facebook data such as id, full name and link are stored in the xml type file on the server developer server.

The screenshot file is stored on the developer server as well. The file is fully anonymized (file name is created using php uniqueid function). The link to the file is stored on Facebook servers and is governed by Facebook platform.

The Google Analytics data is stored on the Google servers. You can find out about storing and safeguarding the data by following this link.

Opt out

You can opt out of storing your Facebook data by untagging yourself from gigapanorama. The Facbook data (id, full name and link) are deleted from server.

All links to the screenshot file should be removed using Facebook platform tools.

Follow this link in order to learn how to opt out from Google Analytics

Your consent

By using the Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application you agree with this privacy policy.

Changes to this privacy policy

Any changes to this privacy policy will be presented on this page.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of Žalgirio Giga Nuotraukos application, feel free to contact us at mikas@virtualivizija.lt

This privacy policy was last modified on December 27, 2017.

App privacy policy FAQ

What information is collected by the application?

The data which collects the application is described in this privacy policy (see the section above).

Does this app have any links to social media?

At this point the application uses only Facebook social media.

Does your application show advertisements?

No, this application doesn't show any advertisements. However you might see the advertisements if you follow the links to the Facebook site.